Rafaela Rigo

Real Estate Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency Technical Analyst.


Macro Trends Strategy and Market Predictions Speciality

The Goal

Educate and Help Investors make smart decisions. Provide good insights of the best time to invest efficiently at low prices, as well as great insights of the best time to exit the market during its peak price, before a crash.

The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin still have a small market capitalization compared to traditional markets.

Even Amazon, currently the largest publicly listed company, has a higher market cap than the Altcoins and Bitcoin in the US market.

Cryptocurrency is emerging, and its potential to become a global asset class is strengthening due to its incredible innovative growth in the last 8 years.

The entire world's gold value is $11.525T, about 11.8x more than the Bitcoin market value. And, the entire Cryptocurrency market value, made of 8000 coins, is $3 Trillion! Only 12.33% compared to all the physical money in the world (about $37 T).


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"CRYPTO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE is a matter of discipline, analysis, commitment, and practice."- Rafaela Rigo

Rigo Crypto Lessons

How to Invest with Efficiency and Confidence

Step 1

It's not about buying cheap, it's about knowing where the market is heading, so you can increase your investment or de-risk with efficiency.

Step 2

After your investment doubles in value, always be sure that you remove out the initial capital you've invested in! Risk Management is an essential part of managing an asset's portfolio well.

Step 3

Take profits while the market is going up, and you will be able to use that as liquidity to buy back cheaper and increase your portfolio gradually.

Step 4

Focusing on the Market Direction, Risk Management, Taking Profits, and Capital Preservation is what makes people wealthy!

Step 5

The charts do tell us everything we need to know to be able to increase, protect, and preserve the capital invested. That is why my focus is 90% Technical Analysis and 10% Fundamental Analysis.


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